Wednesday, July 21, 2010


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Live well.

Calm, calm, belong

"We are human beings, not human doings"
-Deepak Chopra

Most of us are trying to do too much, for too long a period of time. This is an exhausting pace that we cannot sustain. And yet, we are often asked, "how do I continue doing what I don't want to do?!" The answer oftentimes is, you don't continue.

How do you know what should be endured and what to let go? There are numerous questions to ask yourself to help decide. Beyond these questions, we all use our own best judgement to tailor our lives to our desires. Two people can make opposite decisions, even when confronted by the same set of circumstances.

Some questions to ask ourselves might be:

Is this challenge of short-term duration?
How much energy do I have?
What are the pros and cons of doing and not doing?
Is there a clear path for dealing with this situation?
How important is this to me?

Most of us ask ourselves these questions automatically and might not even notice that we have answered them. Be deliberate about the decision. Think it through in stages and make your best judgement.

None of this is about taking the easy way out. That is often the wrong choice. Helping others, caring for a sick spouse or child, even "surviving" a difficult educational process (getting a GED or a PhD), can all be the best choice despite the difficulty.

Let others know what you are coping with and ask for their support. Most folks want to see others overcome adversity and they want to help.

Analyze, use you best judgement, and then Do.

Live well!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

You need to touch!

Very interesting article on touching and the implications of touch in our lives. Bottom line seems to be, more is better!
Click here.