Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dealing with the Nay Sayers

Sooner or later we will all run into someone who wants to be a negative force in our lives. This is all the more disturbing if it turns out to be a family member or friend. Those entrenched and bitter people who are influential in forming opinions about others can be especially troubling.

Our first instinct might be to deny the situation, unfairness, or allegations, as being too unworthy of our attention. All we can do is express a desire to resolve the conflict if that is an option, and beyond that, let the chips fall and recover ourselves before being dragged down by the other's negativity.

The truth is that often we need, or wish we had, someone to help us sort out issues that restrain us. Use the support you have and beyond that, find a counselor who can work with you the way you best understand.

Coping with other's negativity can be a major distraction from our own life priorities. At some point, we have to disengage from those who would prefer to keep the drama going. Avoid those who are obviously troubling and quickly get out of situations where you have to deal with them.

Take care and Live Well.