Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Reach Out

A friend recently pointed out the effectiveness of some basic self care techniques. She was feeling depressed and had no support readily available. She decided to email some friends living across the country, just to tell them she was having a difficult day and ask if they had any suggestions for feeling better.

She was surprised to receive a phone call almost immediately from one of the friends who talked to her long enough to help her put things into perspective. She had not expected a quick response and she did not expect the great relief from having someone else express their concern for her and give her the time and attention she needed right when she needed it.

Several things come to mind from this situation. You can get good and helpful information and a welcome ear from unexpected people. Some relief is better than none in difficult times. Reach out to friends by whatever means and know that they want to help. Reach out and there is usually someone to catch you when you need it.

Live Well.