Monday, August 12, 2013

New Voicemail Feature!

We just installed our new voicemail feature that is always available on the right side of each page. It records a 90 second message that is emailed to us to access quickly. Leave us comments or ideas for more posts. We want to give you what you want. How often do you hear that! Thanks for reading.

Live Well!

Give Your Child Purpose

Its often not the first thing parents think of with all the hustle of daily life. But giving your child a purpose can help them feel connected to others and give them a responsibility that will serve them positively the rest of their lives.

This can be as simple as a statement like, "our family believes that we should each make the world a better place by helping others, therefore your purpose is to help others".

Everyone can make their own choice about how to fill in the blank in the statement. And starting early in the child's life is ideal. As is letting them see you doing such activities and enjoying them.

This issue has been raised many times with adults in our practice who report never being given a purpose and / or never having felt they had a purpose in their lives. Most often these folks would say they felt less responsible and less empowered to influence their own destiny or those of others close to them.

It might or might not benefit a child into adulthood, but it seems like a no-brainer to try to ground your child in your family's values by setting them a direction that cannot do anything but facilitate their connection to their world. This has been called being given a "Noble Purpose" and we would all be well-served to have one at the core of our lives as a decision-making element, a sense of personal responsibility for helping others, and a nugget around which to build a solid sense of self. Think about it.

Live well!