Friday, December 20, 2013

BTW: Site Update

Just FYI I have heard you and I agree. I have been frustrated to not be able to make paragraphs and fix the spacing issues. It all looks good until I hit the Publish button and it looks as you see it on the blog. I will do some research to fix it and more pictures with each post are coming too. Thanks for your suggestions and thanks for reading. Now go live well. Rich Panther, LCSW

It's All Me! A Recent History of Rich

You might know that I started this blog as a complement to my private mental health practice, Insight Associates, LLC, in 2007. At the time I had no goal for it at all. I only wanted a way to connect with those of you who might be interested in such topics.

If you ever worked with us in the past, you might know that I have had a small number of therapists join me occasionally. They actually took on the bulk of the work for a period of years with me seeing fewer clients to focus on my other business interest, Workplace Solutions, LLC, ( providing a variety of business services.

Eventually these therapists moved on to other interests and opportunities as I worked as an Employee Assistance Program therapist to our corporate clients via Workplace Solutions. I let Insight Associates and this "Your Insightful Life" blog coast and did nothing to promote or grow either of them.

In December 2011, I decided to change my life (for reasons I'll write about later) and left the day-to-day operations of Workplace Solutions to a very capable manager while I took a year off. No exotic travels, just a reconnecting with daily life for me. And a lot of time to think about my past efforts and a conscious decision to get back to what I always loved, helping others find peace and fulfillment as a therapist.

I say all this to tell you that I have mostly left the corporate work behind and will focus on helping individual clients again. This all helps keep me grounded and I have recommitted to the one-to-one and couples focused work I have always prefered.

So, we are back! But, it's just me for the foreseeable future. I prefer it this way and I look forward to moving forward with all of you. There are numerous extra options coming in this first part of 2014. Get on my emailing list for my upcoming newsletter to stay up to date. Thanks for joining me.

Rich Panther, LCSW